Imaging in Developing Countries

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Ultrasound in Uganda
Alexandra Drought & Gill Harrison
Synergy News, September 2006

Alexandra Drought, superintendent ultrasonographer, West Middlesex University Hospital, London and Gill Harrison, ultrasound programme leader, City University, London, report on three weeks they spent as volunteers in Uganda training doctors and clinicians in ultrasound.

Kenya Conference Broadens the Spectrum of Radiography
Indira Bhansali
Synergy News, August 2006

Indira Bhansali, Chair of MENSoR, was invited to speak at the biannual conference, RASCO 2006, hosted by the Kenya Society of Radiographers (SORK). Here, she reports on her experience...

A Mission to Africa
Sue Carter
Synergy News, January 2006

Sue Carter, clinical tutor from Furness General
Hospital, presents an account of her radiography teaching mission to Cameroon.

Assessing the needs of a Ugandan X-ray Department
Andy Creeden
Synergy, May 2005

By Andy Creeden, Senior Radiographer, University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust.

Building Bridges Across the Radiography Globe
Birgitte Kaviani & Mark Sherratt
Synergy, March 2005

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and the SoR in Kenya (SORK) held a one day seminar Nairobi. Brigitte Kaviani and Mark Sherratt report.

Radiography in Karachi
Samina Syed Afzal
Synergy, News November 2004

Samina Syed Afzal, Clinical Specialist Sonographer at Fairfield Hospital, Bury, reports on her recent visit to Karachi in Pakistan.

Radiography in Malawi
Mary Michaelides
Synergy, May 2004

Mary Michaelides reports from Malawi where she is currently on a year’s VSO placement as a
lecturer at the College for Health Sciences in Lilongwe.

Supporting Radiography in Developing Countries
Rosie Conlon & Andy Creeden
Synergy News, February 2004

Rosie Conlon, Ultrasound Lecturer, Leeds University/ Project Coordinator (OPT IN) at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, and Andy Creeden, Senior Radiographer, University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust, discuss the benefits of building partnerships with hospitals in developing countries.

Radiography in Haiti
Lesley Greenwood-Haigh
Synergy, January 2004

Lesley Greenwood-Haigh, Superintendent III, Clayton Hospital, part of Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, describes her experiences working in a small Haitian hospital.

Imaging in Ghana
Sue Carter
Synergy, April 2003

Sue Carter, Clinical Tutor, Furness General Hospital, describes her expereinces carrying out voluntary work in Ghana, West Africa.

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